The most common types of advertising light boxes nowadays

Super thin advertising light box

Advertising light box It is no stranger to businesses or stores that want to promote their brands.

Also known by another name is Lightbox.

We are talking about one of the oldest and most classic types of billboards in the outdoor advertising industry.

Light box signs make the advertising message stand out even in the dark, but under normal lighting conditions, light box advertising signs can still ensure its effectiveness.

Today Tuong Minh Advertising Company Limited will introduce to you about the types of light boxes that are popular in the market.

Advertising light box transforms


Advertising light box transforms

Can be used both indoors and outdoors, appears many images, can adjust the image stop time, stable operation.


  • Light box, powder coated, aluminum alloy.
  • Motor winding system: including motors and control handlers, carefully installed inside
  • The internal lighting system includes: White light bulbs with advertising images printed on hiflex canvas, high quality film backlist paper with clear and soft advantages.
  • Principle of operation: With the smooth operation of the motor and the clear lighting system, advertising images will appear one after another.

Super thin advertising light box

Super thin advertising light box


True to its name, ultra-thin led light boxes impress businesses by thinner thickness than conventional light boxes.

Instead of using fluorescent lights, neon lights, ultra-thin led light boxes are illuminated with new generation LED technology.

The 3M Posters or Decal inside under strong light will come alive and attractive than ever.

Ultra-thin light box construction

  • How to change the image: The image is protected by a 2-3mm thick inner mica sheet that can be easily removed by hand.
  • Light box outer frame: The aluminum frame makes the light box from an international standard powder coated aluminum alloy. Color paint as required.
  • Light guide plate: is a 5mm thick Mica sheet, lined with light paths to diffuse light across the surface of the Mica.
  • Mica face: 2-3mm premium mica.
  • Light box thickness: 1.5cm-thick single-sided type. 2.5cm thick double sided type
  • Border width: 3cm
  • Outer frame color: Paint color as required. Usually white or black.
  • Light source: Super bright 6530 Led.
  • Power source: 12V source, How much A depends on the size of each light box. (There is a source included when booking)
  • Lightbox capacity: Depends on the size of the light box.
  • Light harmony: Evenly light all over the light box.
  • Environmental protection standard: Completely friendly with the environment.
  • Energy saving: using LED edge light source, saving power up to 80% compared to traditional Neon light.
  • Image material: High-grade Backlit film.


Advertising light box Hiflex

Beautiful advertising light box

This cheap sign is popular so it is very popular.

They are usually made with an iron skeleton structure combined with a shining hiflex canvas.

In the daytime, the hiflex lightbox sign serves as a normal panel, when it is dark, the lights in the box will light up the signboard surface.

Outstanding for image content, bringing strong impressions, making stores truly outstanding and sparkling.


Mica light box with floating suction

Mica material, by using floating technology, can create various shapes such as square, circle, ellipse, very suitable for the requirements of big brands.

For the professional designers, the combination of LED lighting with a variety of color options is mounted inside.

Creating an advertising mica light box that really stands out, has a unique impression, is professional and very sophisticated.

LED advertising light box, LED Matrix, electronic board

Beautiful advertising signs

With the cost is relatively expensive but in return you will see the effect that it brings more than what you spent.

Currently making LED light box signs is really the prevailing advertising trend and is favored by private businesses to construct.

You can change the content as you like, showing sharp images, effects.


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