Trend of outdoor advertising in 2021

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Outdoor advertising trend There are significant changes to be suitable with the times, in accordance with the customer trends, so that information can be marketed to the public.

What is outdoor advertising ?

Outdoor advertising (OOH) is one of the oldest forms of advertising.

Recent changes in technology and customer acquisition have forced investors to rethink this solution.

However, experts still assess that outdoor advertising will still maintain the growth rate when consumers are gradually tired and annoyed with advertising on the phone, on the Internet.

Why is outdoor advertising thrive

Why is outdoor advertising thriving

Consumers today are much more fully informed than they were 30 years ago.

Hence, repeating a single message on a single communication channel is no longer an optimal solution.

By 2021, outdoor advertising needs to have more combinations with other media channels to be able to "chase" better customers.

In fact, a recent KPMG report indicated that outdoor advertising has seen a CAGR of 11% over the past 5 years.

And this rate is forecasted to maintain, even increase in the following years.

And in order not to miss out on great opportunities, check out the top trends and ideas that will revolutionize your outdoor advertising campaign in 2021 !.

By 2021 advertising must become more authentic

Brands must understand that for long-term business, honesty and sincerity for customers is the key to success in 2021.

Modern consumers will no longer believe in empty promises.

Outdoor advertising authentication purpose

Advertising has a specific and clear purpose will be the law of the future.

Likewise, outdoor advertisers must work harder than ever to win the public's trust. Because only when you are trusted can you not be afraid of your opponents much.

Outdoor advertising will be more creative

As noted above, by 2021, the trend of collecting user data through outdoor advertising will become more common. The benefit of this is to bring extremely effective suggestions for the creativity of designers and advertisers.

Businesses need to make good use of these data to have a really impressive and suitable "big idea" for their campaign.

Exactly select target customers to save costs

Trend of advertising signs in 2021

In the past, outdoor advertising reached a wide audience. In the future, however, they will be able to precisely reach the specific target audience that the brand wants.

This is possible because the improved measuring tools allow brands to gain insights into their consumers. Large amounts of data will be analyzed and utilized so as not to waste budget and advertising time.

How to select customers

By 2021, outdoor advertisements will be equipped with Bluetooth waves to broadcast information from audiences who have interacted with the ads. Using this information, advertisers can tailor their ads to the needs and desires of consumers in that particular location. Such changes significantly increase your chances of convincing the target audience's attention.

In general, data will be collected to improve campaign targeting and deliver a more contextually relevant ad.

Integrate mobility in outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising trend

Outdoor advertising is increasingly improving the user experience. Some brands have begun integrating OOH with mobile advertising. This not only increases interaction, but can also help customers share data, providing immediate feedback with the business.

Application in outdoor advertising

A typical example of a technology connecting OOH and mobile devices is Baecon, or simply Bluetooth. They can capture the signal emanating from mobile devices, thereby letting your ad literally "jump" into the customer's phone.

Clearly Share with you some 2021 outdoor advertising trends, so you can find more ideas for your signs


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