Showroom in Ho Chi Minh has something special

Showroom design in the city. In order to be effective in Ho Chi Minh City, the showroom style must suit those who live in the south. With 5 years of experience, Tuong Minh will share in this article.

How to design Ho Chi Minh showroom.

Showroom design How to achieve the main goal of showroom design is to attract customers to buy efficiently.

Is a place to display, introduce and sell the company's products.

Therefore, in order to get the attention and interest of customers, the showroom design and decoration must be very creative.

Creativity in display style, subtle color arrangement, a beautiful harmony of space.

To achieve these things, investors when designing showroom furniture should pay attention to the following characteristics:

+ Must convey the brand, style, orientation of the business to customers.

+ There are outstanding highlights in Ho Chi Minh style

+ If there is a large area, the checkout counter should be located at the entrance for convenience. With small showroom, the innermost counter is arranged to prioritize product display.

+ Avoid appearing flammable materials. Because in Ho Chi Minh it will be hot all year round.

+ Do not display one type of item, but many products on a shelf easily create a warehouse feel.

Hope the above notes will make it easier to have a beautiful and impressive showroom for your company.

This is really very important and necessary if you want to be present in front of customers.

Showroom interior design trends in Ho Chi Minh.


To have showroom design style in Ho Chi Minh We must know the trends that are being used a lot such as:

Design in shape

Interior design trends in shapes, appearing in many business locations.

This design trend meets the need to display products very effectively.

Especially in the shoe, phone, cosmetic stores, this design is quite popular.

Freely designed style showroom Ho Chi Minh

This design is not confined to any framework. The interior comes in all shapes.

However, to ensure tidiness and harmony for the overall space, the placement should be the most reasonable.

Although free, but the colors in the showroom should not be too colorful, there are too many colors.

Prioritizing the use of monochrome furniture will increase the feelings of customers.

Heavenly design

This design trend is often used in auto shops.

Thorough use of natural light while saving electricity costs and bringing comfort to customers who come to buy.

In addition, this trend is also quite relevant for bonsai shops.

Because sunlight is great for plant growth. Helping the owner to take care of the tree easier.


Design trends for showrooms to sell products in the city. Ho Chi Minh.


To Showroom design Depending on the company's products in Ho Chi Minh, we can design styles according to each type of product to suit customers. Below are some of the types of showrooms in each field:

Showroom interior design showroom display

Products should be displayed scientifically in order to bring the most authentic customer experience.

Through this, customers' ability to make a purchase decision will be enhanced.

If there is an ideal area, it will be easier to show off the best models.

But if the showroom in Ho Chi Minh is relatively small or only medium in size, you need to divide the product area according to clear purposes.

For example, if the showroom displays the interior of the house, divide each living room; kitchen; Bedroom; private bathroom.

In each booth will be the furniture products supplied by the company.

Sanitary equipment showroom design

Showroom sanitary equipment also needs to be designed, artfully arranged, increase sympathy and stimulate purchasing decisions with customers.

In Ho Chi Minh, luxury is always what every showroom is aiming for.

Using white polished ceramic floors and white brick walls to simulate the reality of the bathroom space when placing devices will help customers score high services.

The following will create confidence and certainty for customers to choose products at the showroom.

Make sure the showroom is always neatly arranged, tidy and clean.

Coming to the always bright and clean showroom will increase the goodwill and help a lot when exchanging information with customers.

Office interior showroom design.

Showroom design The office should be divided into main functional areas.

The reception hall should be placed near the nearest door to facilitate the reception.

Color gamut creates comfort and openness between employees and customers.

Product space arranged neatly and orderly.

When customers need to see what information immediately provides, it will create good, professional reviews in the heart of customers.

In addition, you can use logo, decal, company information banner, ... to paste on partitions, stained glass walls or frosted glass.

Some pictures promote employee morale. Deep sayings and maxims also contribute to expressing the company's personality and vision.


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