About us

In Tuong Minh, we clearly identify the responsibilities associated with the business in the design and construction consultancy process with the desire to bring the best experience to customers.

Over 5 years of operation in the field of Advertising and Interior decoration, Tuong Minh has constantly improved the team and networked many projects for customers, chosen by customers as a strategic partner in the open development plan. widening the scale of the market.

When starting a project, we clearly define a goal "Customer satisfaction is a measure of project success" and it has been proven every day we have more customers to serve

Professional capacity

Design consultancy 95%
advertisement 99%
Warranty service 99%

Share of CEO

First of all, on behalf of Tuong Minh Company, we would like to send our esteemed customers and partners,
With the philosophy of "Business is not only making money, our main profit is trust in customers",
I am always conscious of team building to bring real peace of mind when we are selected.

Hoang Tien CEO

Why choose us?

Experienced staff

We understand the characteristics of each project, to bring peace of mind to customers

Meet Progress - Quality

We understand that progress is one of the deciding factors for a project's success, but the quality must always be consistent with the original commitment.

Warranty service as committed

Warranty is what customers always consider after handing over the project, we put ourselves in the minds of customers to meet this service.

Completed projects
Number of years of establishment

Creative design

Design is the first and foremost work of the project, every designer knows that he must bring creativity in each design to bring a great experience to customers.

Construction professional

To turn design ideas into practical products, our technical team is trained to bring peace of mind to customers during project implementation.

Warranty liability

After-sales is what we always put on top, because that is the reputation of the business in the process of formation and development