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Design consultancy & construction

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is a tool to convey the message of products and services, promote the brand to consumers effectively, at a reasonable cost.

  • Signs / Light boxes
  • Logo & Braille
  • Alu aluminum facade
  • LED screen
  • Painting electricity (LED thin LED)
  • Pano / Billboad
  • Display booth

We combine the items to make your project overall

Design consultancy & construction


For each project, we are dedicated to bringing differentiated values, creating a beautiful and highly practical space for the value of use, or the amenities and functions of a space, while simultaneously satisfying Satisfying the message of each project

  • Furniture showroom
  • office furniture
  • Jackson Thien

About us

In Tuong Minh, we clearly identify the responsibilities associated with the business in the design and construction consultancy process with the desire to bring the best experience to customers.

More than 5 years of operation in the field of Advertising and Interior decoration, Tuong Minh has constantly improved the team and brought back many projects to customers, selected by customers as strategic partners in the market expansion and expansion plan.


  • “In general, Tuong Minh Company is doing well and completing on schedule, quality, under pressure with many projects at the same time including finance. However, in terms of personnel, it is necessary to improve more to quickly grasp the ideas of partners when the work volume increases suddenly. ”

    Mr. Vũ
    Project Director - Pharmacity
  • "Tuong Minh Company has relatively good personnel, good combination with the investor, the construction works on schedule and meet the required quality."

    Mr. Wall
    Project Director - Circle K
  • "Contractor Tuong Minh always meets the schedule and quality set out, the implementation of the work is synchronized to meet the requirements from Tocotoco"

    Mr. Dung
    Southern TP.DA - Tocotoco
  • "We are satisfied with the service you provide, the responsible staff, good working spirit"

    Mr. Tri
    Executive Director - Andes
Completed projects
Number of years of establishment

Creative design

Design is the first and foremost work of the project, every designer knows that he must bring creativity in each design to bring a great experience to customers.

Construction professional

To turn design ideas into practical products, our technical team is trained to bring peace of mind to customers during project implementation.

Warranty liability

After-sales is what we always put on top, because that is the reputation of the business in the process of formation and development

Professional capacity

Design consultancy95%
furniture 95%
Warranty service99%

Latest news

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