Team Tuong Minh Charity 20.08.2021

With the message "Spread love - Push back Covid

Tuong Minh Advertising Team has set a goal of more than 100 servings of water for the team of doctors and nurses at the Xuyen A and Cu Chi field hospitals and more than 20 servings of vegetables and fruits per day for households facing difficult circumstances during the pandemic.

But doctors and nurses are struggling against the epidemic, the portions of water partly increase the motivation for the doctors and nurses to have more motivation to continue fighting the epidemic, soon return to normal life !!.

The subjects living in the hostels are mainly lottery ticket sellers, bricklayers, motorbike taxi drivers, restaurant sellers, etc., most of the family's economic situation is difficult. The epidemic situation is complicated, income loss for a long time, while all living expenses such as electricity, water, meals, room rent, etc., still have to be paid, making the lives of inns even more difficult. .

Understanding the difficulties of the people, Team Charity 20 servings of vegetables per day to difficult areas.

In the past time, the team has received a lot of encouragement and companionship and will work harder in the future to spread a lot of love…. Hope everyone is safe, overcome the pandemic ???❤️ Follow volunteer information via the link:



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