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Team wall is volunteering

The epidemic situation is becoming more and more complicated, when the social distance in Ho Chi Minh City is one more month, until September 15, 2021.

In the days of continuing social distancing, the medical team struggled to fight the epidemic, people faced with difficulties, especially poor working people, who would suffer many deprivations.

In the spirit of spreading love to everyone, and responding to launching the movement "Take the people's strength to take care of the people". Tuong Minh Advertising Team has taken meaningful actions to spread love

Charity 105 exports water every day to Xuyen A Hospital.

This is the first action of the Team. From August 12, every day, 105 people volunteer to export water to the doctors in Xuyen A Hospital, in order to cheer up the spirit, and contribute a little of the Team's efforts to the doctors.

Team wall is volunteering

Volunteer team


Charity distributes 20 green vegetables every day to people in need

Not only contributing water to the doctors who are struggling against the epidemic, the Team also volunteered to the people in difficulty, with fresh vegetables to the inn. Set a goal of 20 fresh vegetables per day. The team is trying non-stop to achieve the set goal. Are you tired or tired?


Volunteer team

Volunteer team



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