Nippers Nghia-307 NKKN, Phu Nhuan District, HCM

Introduction of Kem Nghia Showroom project

The Kem Nghia showroom project aims to be differentiated by special design ideas, all items from shelves, display cabinets, showroom space are associated with Kem Nghia's products, the main color is green. Director makes customers always feel easy to see, the signboard section clearly shows the lines of the Nipper combined with the material is a pre-static aluminum frame, Logo uses stainless steel to light the LED, when looking at night they We see the elegance of the showroom facade.
Contractor Tuong Minh feels satisfied when contributing to the renovation and construction of the Kem Nghia showroom
Category: Shop construction
Area: 120 m2
Schedule: 30 days