Criteria for evaluating beautiful billboards

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Criteria for evaluating beautiful billboards, braille mica billboard making services are developing wildly across the country. Therefore, a series of companies that design and install advertising signs are constantly born to serve the needs of customers.

However, that is also the point where consumers do not know which reputable and valuable products are available. So what criteria to evaluate quality products, do you know?

We will explore the following so that you can make a smart choice, own valuable products, contribute to earning more profits, and develop your company, store, and business.

Braille mica billboard

Currently, the trend of advertising is very strong, expanding and spreading all over the country. One of the factors that determines the success of a business is billboards. Billboards that are attractive and impressive to others are good and satisfactory billboards.

Currently, there are many ways to design beautiful billboards, in which mica braille is the choice of many people, which is considered the right decision. It becomes a tool for entrepreneurs to make high profits. Harmonious combination of information, design, color, the signboard will promote its use.

Criteria for evaluating quality products

Braille billboards, also known as 3d braille billboards, are made from materials such as mica, alu, formex, stainless steel, copper, and corrugated iron combined with led and neonsign technology to make them stand out. Currently using CNC cutting technology, modern laser in machining, creating precision and sharpness for braille.

Among the current types of braille billboards, braille billboards made of mica material are popular with users. Mica is used to make the surface of the sea or the foot of a billboard. The composition of a mica braille billboard usually consists of mica braille combined with a stainless steel or corrugated iron or alu or formex border and is mounted on an alu background.

To evaluate a good product, you need to base on some of the following criteria:

  • Aim towards the goal


This is exactly what business owners do for their customers. Depending on the object, the design of the sign is also different. Before making a billboard, you need to determine who the audience you want to target is, what is the age range, what characteristics, interests, and how the billboard looks like. Is it possible to attract them?.

Not only you, but also consult your relatives or any customers of the business. With those suggestions, you know the advantages and disadvantages of billboards, thereby bringing new ideas. Who knows, you might be able to attract customers again.

  • Brief billboard content

Concise, concise is the requirement of braille billboards. The main customers of businesses are people on the street or people who are purposefully looking to book an appointment. Usually, these people are looking for a store while walking, so they only have a few seconds to skim. To achieve the highest efficiency, billboards only need to design from 8-10 words. However, it should be short but meaningful enough to cover all the information that needs to be reflected.

  • Attractive pictures, clear information

Currently, to attract viewers and impress customers, many businesses choose their own new style. It is inserting an image into a braille billboard. For the text, you should choose a clear font, even if it breaks the way, you still have to stick to the essential requirements of the braille billboard that is easy to read and see. With the ways to make braille with mica from the hands of skilled workers, you will be completely assured of the quality of the billboard.

  • Color harmony

Pharmacity billboard

According to many reviewers, color is the key to the success of braille billboards. The billboard colors are harmonious and eye-catching. It is not recommended to use hot colors such as red, green ... or many colors on the same sign to make the viewer feel confused and not attract the attention of the viewer.

  • Technological factors

Currently, to attract customers, many people take advantage of the light element to highlight the sign. Normally, nowadays, businesses and stores all use LED lights around billboards.


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