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My first word on behalf of Tuong Minh Company send to customers and partners respectful greetings, With the philosophy of "Business is not only making money, our main profit is the trust of customers”, I am always conscious of team building to give real peace of mind when we are selected.

More than 4 years working in the field advertisement and decoration furniture, Tuong Minh has constantly improved the team and networked many projects for customers, chosen by customers as a strategic partner in the development plan to expand the market.

When starting a project, we clearly define a “Customer satisfaction is a measure of project success”And it has been proven that every day we have more customers to serve

Construction of the chain of the city. Ho Chi Minh

Building a chain of stores is the desire of most businesses when business operations are favorable.

And in a fierce business environment, building that brand is a smart strategy to go long. However, the first difficult thing businesses encounter is how to build a brand store chain?.

Design your chain of stores to give your customers the best experience while clearly expressing your brand.

Tuong Minh Advertising Company Limited has more than 4 years of experience in the design and construction of showroom chain stores. We have cooperated to make chains for many big brands.

What we have:

Beautiful store and showroom design, eye-catching product layout, rich products help you increase sales.

A team of well-trained, experienced and creative architects, grasping the latest design trends.

Professional working process ensures the right schedule with customers, the supervision team works strictly in the whole process.

Reasonable service prices, consistent with quality.

Long-term professional warranty and maintenance service.

At Tuong Minh, we clearly define the responsibility of accompanying businesses in the design and construction consulting process with the desire to bring the best experience to customers.

The Projects We Have Done

Bank Vietinbank

Vietinbank 93 – 95 Ham Nghi, District 1


Chain of Pharmacity stores

Pharmacity District 7 - Tuong Minh

Pharmacity – 376 Nguyen Thi Dinh, District 2
Pharmacity – Phu Tho CC, Ward 15, District 11, HCMC
Pharmacity – 1671 Nguyen Van Cu, Can Tho
Pharmacity – 58 Huynh Tan Phat, Tan Thuan Dong, District
Pharmacity – Richstar II, 278 Hoa Binh, Hiep Tan, Tan Phu

Chain of TocoToco stores


ToCoToCo – 128 Bau Cat, Phuong 13, Tan Binh, HCMC
ToCoToCo-302 Dien Bien Phu, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
ToCoToCo-242F Nguyen Van Luong, District 6, HCMC
ToCoToCo-232 Nguyen Trong Tuyen, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City

Chain of Circle CZK

Circle K-144 Lam Van Ben, District 7, HCMC
Circle K-60 Lam Van Ben, District 7, HCM
Circle K-126 Dinh Tien Hoang, District 1, HCM

Tuong Minh Advertising

If you need advice on outdoor advertising products or other forms of advertising, please contact Tuong Minh Advertising via:

Hotline028 3984 8998

Address: Ho Chi Minh City: 730/126 Le Duc Tho, Ward 15, Go Vap District.

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In Tuong MinhWe define clearly the responsibility to accompany the business in the design and construction consultancy process with the desire to bring the best experience to customers.

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