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You cannot open a store, a cafe, an office, ... without making a signboard. Thanks to the signboard, everyone knows which unit this is, what products to sell, what services to provide, ... In addition, a beautiful signboard will help you impress customers extremely effectively. If you are wondering what design to choose, then get to know a few light box signs nice through the following article.

What is light box sign?

Lightbox signboards are advertising signs, introducing contents, company information, businesses, products, stores, shops, ... with many different designs and different materials.

Nowadays, under the continuous development of science and technology, light box signs are more and more styles, designs and materials. The cost to make light box signs is also much more optimized.

The reason should make light box signs

Signs are really important to every business or business. And if we want to create brand, trust with customers, we should make light box signs. The reason can be generalized through several factors such as:

  • Create a good vision for the brand, highlight the individuality of each unit and easily convey the message to customers. Gives us a visual professionalism to the customer's eye.
  • Rich, diverse in materials, and also modern effects in the decoration of signs, it is easy to make a good impression on every customer.
  • Helping the premises of the business look more eye-catching, more luxurious, and more beautiful.
  • Is an extremely good support tool for effective PR and Marketing activities. The more unique the idea stimulates the curiosity of customers. Therefore, light box signs are also easier to leave an impression on customers.

Some nice light box signs

There are many types of light box signs not everyone is familiar with. There are simple designs with low cost, also types of complicated designs, high quality materials and high cost. To help you have more knowledge, please refer to some beautiful light box signs presented below. 

Making Hiflex light box signs

Making Hiflex light box signs
Making Hiflex light box signs

Hiflex is a milky white PVC material, used to make light box signs with many advantages, such as:

  • Printing Hiflex is relatively cheaper than other printing technologies.
  • Hiflex is the main material for printing pano, outdoor billboards, ...
  • Diverse and eye-catching colors
  • Hiflex material is durable and tough, with good water resistance
  • Suitable flat surface stretches on all types of frames 
  •  Products printed with Hiflex are reusable.

Making light box signs with Alu

Làm bảng hiệu hộp đèn Alu
Làm bảng hiệu hộp đèn Alu

Signs made of Alu are very popular, often used to make billboards for places to do business, trade, shop, company, ... Alu has many advantages such as:

  • Alu is light, elastic, so it is easy to create signs with different sizes, eye-catching and impressive.
  • Alu signs are easy to transport, the content printed on Alu can be changed without having to rework the whole sign.
  • Design and construction are also easy, not fussy, not complicated.
  • The lifetime of alu light box signs is quite long, can be up to 10 years. This helps businesses save a considerable amount of money on new jobs, maintenance and repair of signs. 
  • The alu material is less affected by weather and environmental conditions.

Signs advertising floating mica light box

Signs advertising floating mica light box
Signs advertising floating mica light box

This is the type of signs made from the main material Mica. People use floating suction technology to create many different signs depending on the purpose of each unit.

The biggest advantage of the Mica light box, also known as the floating mica light box is: 

  • Mica is a material with many advantages. The ability to penetrate light with a variety of colors, pleasant and harmonious light.
  • The inside contour of the Mica signboard is super beautiful, creating a very high aesthetic. This is one of the points that makes the majority of customers love this light box.
  • Inside the signboard is fitted with electric lighting system that creates luxury and modernity.
  • Variety of designs and shapes and colors.
  • Eye-catching and impressive to the viewer at first sight.

LED advertising signs, LED Matrix, electronic boards

LED advertising signs, LED Matrix, electronic boards
LED advertising signs

Led light box signs, Matrix LEDs, electronic boards are now considered extremely popular trends for advertising support, PR. This type of signs is the most expensive compared to other types of signs. But also that is why the effect that it brings is great. Get the user's attention quickly. Specific advantages can be mentioned as:

  • Colors and designs are extremely diverse and beautiful
  • Can be used in combination with many other materials
  • Led boards can easily design unique content, when to display what content can be easily customized.
  • The modern version also allows us to play videos at will
  • Apply unique tricks on the signs
  • Environmental friendliness

Super thin light box sign

This type of signboard is designed with Mica material, 2 - 3cm thick. The inside of the signboard is arranged closely with led bulbs. Together they create super strong light intensity. There are many types of ultra-thin light boxes such as: super thin light box with sniffle cap, super thin light box with pop lid, super thin light box with screw type. Advantages of this type of signs, specifically:

  • The design is very light and thin
  • Super power saver
  • Easily change images, content
Super thin light box sign
Super thin light box sign

This type of signs is often found in shopping malls, mini mart supermarkets, convenience stores, movie theaters, ... 

Make light box signs with Neon sign

Neon sign signs are signs that can emit light by internal components such as helium, neon, argon, ... Electric wires will be inserted inside the tube and carefully preserved. The power source combined with those gases creates many unique and impressive colors. This type of signboard also has many advantages such as:

  • Easy to decorate and use
  • High strength, good weather resistance, and temperature resistance
  • High advertising efficiency, attracting the viewers' eyes
  • Colorful, eye-catching, attracting everyone's attention
Make light box signs with Neon sign
Make light box signs with Neon sign

With such beautiful light box signs, each has its own unique features and advantages. Surely you have formed your own idea as well as what type to choose to suit the purpose of your unit. Please contact us for advice, quotation for each design and construction package. With many years of experience in the industry, with a team of dynamic, creative and professional personnel. For sure, we will bring you the great products at the best prices.

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