What should be noted in home interior decoration?

What should be noted in home interior decoration

Not everyone knows how home interior decoration so eye-catching, impressive, but also airy and comfortable. To do this, you must have certain aesthetics and knowledge. At the same time you need to avoid some basic decoration mistakes. So what should be noted in home interior decoration? Please see the article below!

Notes on home interior decoration

What should be noted in home interior decoration
What should be noted in home interior decoration?

Do not arrange furniture messy, wrong way

The messy, wrong way furniture is the first issue that needs to be concerned first. This is one of the most common fundamental errors in interior decoration. The place is too empty, the place is too full of furniture, making the home space unattractive. So, you need to calculate the size and arrangement of the furniture just enough. Both fit with the design style, full of features, and enhance the aesthetics. The room should be filled with furniture but still look bright and spacious. Let's decorate the interior so that the interior space is as neat as possible.

Avoid having too many unnecessary furniture 

Often the fault is due to too many unnecessary furniture and messing up the home space. Gives the feeling that the homeowner is lacking in science. And guests entering the house will not know what his / her purpose is for when disposing of those excess items. 

The solution for you when decorating your home is to clearly see what you need and don't need. Anything that is not needed should be kept in a discreet place. As for any furniture that needs to be displayed, it should be considered whether the content and color matches the main color of the home space. Do not regret the items that are not suitable for the interior space. Find a good place to put them. If not, it can be stored neatly in storage. Do not regret cheap items that they are not really necessary in your home display.

Do not choose bulky, less functional, or inappropriate furniture

The mistake here is that you choose to buy furniture that is spread out, lacks integration, making the space more cramped. Imagine a small office but with a very large table. Uses up all space. This will make the room even more narrow and ugly. The solution is to choose simple but multifunctional textured furniture. Contains many other miscellaneous items. For example, when choosing to buy a bed, you can choose a bed with many lower compartments. These compartments are used to store clothes, blankets, curtains, ... 

Choose the right lighting

What should be noted in home interior decoration
Home interior decoration should note choosing lights to suit the overall house

A common mistake is saving lights or too much lights. Currently there are many types of lamps such as: modern lamps, chandeliers, chandeliers, wall lamps ... with their own design styles. And each interior space needs different lights. Living room can be equipped with modern or classic chandeliers in mainstream style. Bedrooms need to have lights with gentle light, reading rooms need a light intensity suitable for the eyes. The sophistication in choosing the right lighting is a big plus for home interior decoration.

When decorating the house interior, the walls should not be too empty and monotonous

Some families usually do nothing with their walls. This is a pretty flawed thing when decorating the home interior. This is the space for you to express your artistry. Instead of leaving it blank, choose some beautiful furniture such as art paintings, wall clocks, wall paintings, etc. Make sure these items will highlight your personality. like the taste of the owner. 

Don't go too seriously on aesthetics but forget comfort

This is almost always a mistake in many home interior décor. From the outside, each item is extremely beautiful, eye-catching and luxurious. But the opposite is just for viewing, not comfortable. This really should not be because the house is for living, a little clutter, a little imperfections will breathe real life. But remember, it's just messy, it's a little imperfect.

Do not bring nature into the house too much

Agree when home interior decoration is indispensable small bonsai pots. However, if you abuse too much, it becomes redundant and confusing for the living space. 

Note when home interior decoration should not bring nature into the house too much
Note when home interior decoration should not bring nature into the house too much

The solution is that you should choose some plants that repel mosquitoes, repel insects or feng-shui for indoor display. Maybe putting green pots right in the living room. A few small pots on the bedroom window sill. Or put it in a corner. If you are too nature lover, create a private corner to display your favorite plants such as balconies, terraces. Let's bring them neatly into a consistent picture of nature. Basically, the site has to be lit with natural light for the plants you choose to grow properly and steadily.

Safety issue when home interior decoration

Safety is paramount in the interior layout of the home. Details such as ceiling lights, sockets can cause accidents for family members, if they are not arranged properly or not constructed carefully. 

For decorative objects

Some decorative items to pay attention such as ceiling lights, headboard pictures, skylights, overhead mirrors, ... If not done properly and avoid sensitive positions. , they will fall apart and endanger humans. 

Everyday items such as rice cookers, microwave ovens or boiled water bottles ... If placed in the wrong place, it is easy to cause accidents, especially children. There are a variety of fully functional kitchen cabinets, including one to hold dangerous sharp objects such as knives, scissors and out of reach of children. 

For lamps and sockets:

For bedrooms, ceiling lights should be arranged so that they do not shine directly on the face of people lying on the bed. At the same time, limit the danger if accidentally fall. The sockets should be designed at a position of 30 cm or 150 cm above the floor level. If the outlet is low, it is necessary to have a safety cap to limit the risk of accidents to small children. 

Home interior decoration should pay attention to safety issues
Need to pay attention to safety issues

If possible, you should install a lightning protection system as well as a power saving system. The cost for this installation though is not too great. But it can ensure safety for all family members for appliances using electricity.

Each note is the experience of the predecessor. And it can be said that these shares are very useful for homeowners who want to arrange the interior for their home. Therefore, hopefully through this article, you will learn some useful things applicable to the interior of your home in the most comfortable and aesthetic way.

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