The most popular forms of outdoor advertising today

Outdoor billboards are often found on major routes.

The most popular forms of outdoor advertising today

Advertising is a form of spreading images, brands and products to customers. Over time, forms of advertising are increasingly developed and changed to suit the habits of consumers. There are types of advertising that fade over time such as radio advertising, newspaper advertising ... Instead, there are new types of advertising such as advertising via TV or internet advertising. One advertising method that has never been outdated is outdoor advertising. Why is this method so popular? Let's find out.

What are the benefits of outdoor advertising?

It is no coincidence that outdoor advertising is focused on by businesses. They bring a lot of benefits, have outstanding advantages compared to other advertising methods. It can be said that the cost of advertising is completely worth the result. There are benefits such as:

  • Not limit the audience to reach. This is a huge advantage over any advertising method. Regardless of old, young, big, baby, male, or female, you can naturally approach it.
  • Attract potential customers. Due to less competition from direct competitors, outdoor advertising attracts more customers. Customers will pay more attention to your brand, not be distracted by any rival brands. At the same time, the advertising policy of a unique and attractive business will have more opportunities to make an impression on customers.
  • Receive more love from customers. Advertising affects customers indirectly, without distracting or affecting the customer experience. So less reactive psychology in customers. This is something that television or internet advertising has yet to do.

Outdoor advertising on high

These billboards are installed at a height of over 20m. Large size to attract the eye of pedestrians. Here are the 3 most common types 

  • Outdoor billboard

Stand-alone billboard type, featuring a single solidly reinforced steel post. The height and size should be large, so it will be located in open areas. The most important is located close to highways, highways or major traffic axes. These locations have a lot of traffic going around frequently.

Billboard outside the pillar will have a rectangular steel frame, with a bright headlight system. The steel frame shows the advertising content of the business. 

Customers only have about 5-10 seconds to observe the ad content. That is why it is important to display advertisements that are simple, easy to understand and easy to remember. As long as customers remember the brand, the advertisement is successful.

Outdoor billboards are often found on major routes.
Outdoor billboards are often found on major routes.


  • Outdoor advertising Pano 

Pano is a popular advertising method in big cities. When the land bank does not allow the use of Billboard, Pano is seen as an effective solution. Located in the front, rooftop of large buildings, centrally located, Pano does an excellent job of advertising. Especially at large intersections, pedestrians tend to find and read information while waiting for the red light. That is an opportunity for businesses to reach customers through Pano.

  • Trivision interesting motion ads.

Trivision attracts customers with its exceptional movement. This is a type of advertisement that allows businesses to display 3 contents on the same area. With a design of aluminum bars with 3 sides of an equilateral triangle. These aluminum bars can be rotated 120 degrees in a pre-set cycle. Thus, 3 sides of aluminum show 3 different advertising contents. It is this interesting movement that has attracted more customers. 

Outdoor advertising under low

  • Advertising at the bus waiting house

Bus shelters have long been used by countries around the world to advertise. In Vietnam, only recent years this advertising method has been applied. This advertising method has advantages such as not too large cost, reaching many customers, receiving sympathy from everyone. Furthermore, you can also localize your target audience. Then hire the most suitable advertising position to bring high efficiency. When running an advertising campaign, you should hire 4-5 bus shelters to run synchronous ads. This will create an impression on customers.

Bus shelters - An effective outdoor advertising place
Bus shelters - An effective outdoor advertising place
  • Advertising with light boxes

Pharmacity drug store advertisement
Pharmacity drug store advertisement

The neon lights on either side of the road are a great place to advertise. They attract pedestrians thanks to the light decoration with eye-catching images and content. The biggest advantage of this type of outdoor advertising is the cost savings. This is the cheapest advertising method of all. Not only that, the advertisement light box also shows the content on both sides.

  • Outdoor advertising by means of transport

Using buses and cars as a means to advertise for businesses is not too new. The advantage of advertising by means of transport is its mobility. Buses, cars, trucks always move on different roads, in many different time frames. Thereby increasing the chances of contact with new customers. With fixed bus routes, it is easy to make an impression of your business in the subconscious of your customers. Because they encounter advertising messages every day.

Outdoor advertising in a specific location

  • Advertising at the golf course

Golf courses are not just for golf. This is also a golden land to promote and market the image of your business. Obviously, golfers are upper-class, so businesses with targeted customers in this segment will not be able to skip advertising here. Real estate, banks, tourist resorts ... are aimed at the elite. However, the cost of advertising on the golf course is quite expensive. Besides, focus on only a certain group of customers. So you need to consider carefully before implementing an advertising campaign here.

  • Advertising at the stadium

Stadium is a gathering place for thousands, tens of thousands of spectators every time a match takes place. Therefore, if you advertise in a stadium, you will have the opportunity to reach a huge number of customers. Not to mention live TV matches, your brand has the opportunity to advertise to millions of customers via television. This unseenly increases the prestige of the brand as well as the impression in the eyes of customers.

 A stadium is an effective advertising place for any brand.
A stadium is an effective advertising place for any brand.

Roadshow - an impressive and effective outdoor advertising method

Roadshow, a form of mobile advertising applied by many businesses today. Usually a roadshow will be held every time there is a big event (Launch of new products, new campaigns ...) This outdoor advertising style leaves a strong impression on pedestrians. Because customers see directly, experience directly, they stay in mind longer. In addition, the roadshow also attracts customers by a team of professional BB-BG, bright appearance, friendly. This team uses bicycles, motorbikes or cars to parade the streets. Along with eye-catching uniforms, the well-groomed team creates curiosity and attracts pedestrians.

To organize a successful roadshow, you need to carefully prepare the campaign and content. At the same time, renting facilities, preparing uniforms and manpower properly. Remember that you only have 1 roadshow, so if you are not careful in the preparation stage, it is likely that your advertising campaign will fall.

Roadshow team preparing to set off to perform the task of advertising for businesses.
Roadshow team preparing to set off to perform the task of advertising for businesses.

Above is a summary of the popular outdoor advertising forms in Vietnam. Hopefully, with these shares, you have an overview as well as choose a suitable advertising format. Wishing your business more and more prosperous development. 

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