Things you probably did not know about outdoor advertising part 2

Low-range advertising (Street furniture)

Contrary to the high-altitude ad, the low-end ad has a fairly compact size and is usually placed at the eye level of the viewer (maximum 2m from the ground). You will easily see this type of outdoor advertising in public places such as bus shelters, light box signs, kios….


  • Conveys complete and clear information at close range
  •  Easy to install, change and maintain


  •  It is difficult to catch the eye of the viewer at a long distance because of its small size and obstructions such as vehicles, people, signs ...

This type of outdoor advertising is often applied to simple consumer products such as shampoo, shower gel, laundry powder, candy ... or cosmetics.

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Advertising on means of transport

This is a type of mobile outdoor advertising, with advertising information located on public vehicles such as buses, taxis, trucks ... According to the American Advertising Association, advertising on public transport brings 15 times more effective than conventional advertising means. Thanks to its mobility and large numbers, this form of outdoor advertising can easily reach thousands of pedestrians every day. At the same time, with close distance and frequent encounter, pedestrians can easily see and remember advertising information for longer.


DOOH advertising (Digital advertising)

Forms of digital advertising are the prevailing trend today thanks to their simplicity in execution and compelling content. The advertising image and sound are eye-catching, flexibly changed at will, even the touch-screen advertising screen allows customers to interact with the billboard easily. Thanks to these advantages, DOOH advertising is considered as the most effective outdoor advertising type today.

Moreover, many studies show that people who have seen DOOH ads are more likely to shop online, their trust in brands also increases from 80-100% and especially billion website access rate up to 12%. Thanks to its superior features, DOOH is predicted to change the landscape of the outdoor advertising industry in a more modern and optimal direction..

Thanks to the advancement of science and technology, the traditional forms of advertising are gradually returning and dominating the advertising market today. In the future, these forms will increasingly develop and become an effective tool for marketers in the market.

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