Design a scientific, beautiful and attractive milk tea shop to attract customers

Before embarking on a food service business, the first thing you need to do is to build a beautiful base to receive the attention of customers. There are quite a few factors that influence this. Today, Tuong Minh Advertising would like to share with you the secret to Milk tea shop design beautiful, attracting customers. Let's see.

Why should design a milk tea shop?

The target customer segment of the milk tea shop is young people aged 16 - 35. Therefore, it is necessary to design to suit the tastes of this audience. Customers who come to drink milk tea need a comfortable and eye-catching space. They can enjoy a drink while chatting with friends for a long time. In order to retain customers for the long term, your milk tea shop needs to stand out from the competition. That difference can come from the design and decoration of the milk tea shop.

The uniqueness of the design and layout creates a highlight for the shop. At the same time, once carefully designed, you will make the most of the space. Or you can create a visual effect that makes the space appear larger.

Finally, if you run a private brand milk tea chain like Tocotoco, what you need is the consistency between the shops. Don't give each branch a design style. You will not be able to position your brand in the hearts of your customers. That's why designing a milk tea shop is so important.

Milk tea shop design
The facade of the milk tea shop should be easy to see, easy to see from afar. Not to be obscured by trees or other buildings

Eye-catching milk tea shop facade design

The front of the milk tea shop is the first decisive factor in whether or not customers step in to use the service. A beautiful facade depends greatly on where the milk tea shop is located. If it is a spacious premises, located on a convenient traffic road, it is a great advantage for you.

The front design of the milk tea shop must ensure eye-catching and recognizable elements. With a branded milk tea shop like Tocotoco, customers will be more recognizable. However, not so smooth in the design stage. Signs should be designed large enough, placed in an easy-to-see place. Make sure the sign is not blocked by trees or other buildings or signs.

If conditions permit, leave a space for parking in front. Customers don't want to waste time looking for parking spaces.

How to design a bar for a milk tea shop?

The bartender is also known as the bar, where the staff makes delicious glasses of water for customers. For a cafe or milk tea, the bartender is considered the soul of the shop. Remember, the main purpose of the customer is to go to the restaurant for a drink. No matter how beautiful or luxurious your restaurant is and if the drink is bad, customers will not come back for a second time.

Designing the right size, science and logic dispensing bar for the milk tea shop will create a convenient working space for employees. Depending on the size of the restaurant, the number of employees varies. The minimum number of employees for a milk tea shop is 3 people. While doing oder duty, charging and concoction. Due to the nature of continuous line work, the bar must be streamlined. The position of the oder screen, cash register, sink, tool cabinet ... should be arranged according to each different surface.

For a milk tea shop designed in a modern style today, the bar will be placed next to the door. As soon as customers enter the restaurant, they can quickly choose and order food for themselves. The bar will also include the cashier counter to save travel time for employees and customers.

Milk tea shop design
The counter is neat, tidy and clean. They create a comfortable working space for employees and at the same time make customers appreciate the restaurant.

Design space to serve guests row

Customer service space occupies most of the area of the milk tea shop. About 60% of area is devoted to this area. You need to design your customers to feel the most spacious and comfortable.

First, pay attention to the arrangement of tables and chairs. Don't be too greedy in the table layout. Create space between tables to give guests some privacy. At the same time there is space to move easily for customers. No one wants to have to sit and drink milk tea in a crowded, mysterious place.

Next, designing an open space for a milk tea shop is what you need to do. Most of the milk tea shops today are equipped with air conditioning. So the optimal plan for you is to use tempered glass and steel frames to create transparent walls. This both creates a view for the restaurant, while taking in natural light but also creates an open space. Sitting and drinking milk tea, coffee and watching the street will give customers a feeling of much more spacious and airy space.

Finally, use furniture with a simple and neat design. Avoid causing confusion or cumbersome space. Tables and chairs should not be too high, they will narrow the space significantly.

Milk tea shop design
Design a spacious and comfortable customer service area. Create an open space for guests to enjoy time with friends

Toilet design for the milk tea shop

An extremely important area but few owners pay attention to is the toilet. Many cafes, milk tea or even restaurants are mediocre in this. Many people think that just building a toilet to "give" is okay. But this is a huge mistake. They are the direct cause of a customer not returning.

The toilets are inconvenient, the toilets are cramped, the toilets are dirty or worst of all, there is no toilet. Those are the direct minus points when customers rate your milk tea shop.

One study shows that you only need to add 5% in the total monthly operating cost for the toilet, and the revenue will increase by 37%. A very impressive figure, right? Designing a toilet for a milk tea shop helps you score big in the eyes of your customers compared to your competitors. Just you need to ensure 3 criteria: Discreet, comfortable and clean is enough.

  • Discreet: The toilet is separate from the guest service area. Designed in such a way that the service area cannot see the toilet access. This is good for everyone.
  • Facilities: Should separate male-female toilets. Avoid sharing toilets.
  • Cleanliness: Ensuring water drainage, deodorizing, and deodorizing work effectively. At the same time, there are regular staff cleaning and checking.
toilet design
The toilet for a milk tea shop is an indispensable thing in the design

Light installation  How is the milk tea shop?

Light plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the space. When designing a milk tea shop, you must carefully consider the lighting arrangement and installation. In addition to taking advantage of natural light through windows or clear glass, electric lights are indispensable.

For signposts, you need to use LEDs, headlights so they are eye-catching. Customers can see your shop from afar. In the indoor area, use moderate intensity light to avoid glare. Toilet area, use low-intensity lights for added privacy.

There are many types of lamps with different designs and designs for you to choose from. One and typical types such as ceiling lights, wall lights, spot light lights for each area, decorative ceiling lights ...

When designing and installing lights, use them deftly to direct customers' attention to the location you want. At the same time, conceal your shop's defects if any.


Above are some tips to design a milk tea shop to make business more convenient. Tuong Minh Advertising hopes the above information will help you in making ideas for designing and building the shop. If you need more information, please contact us.

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