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Hanoi showroom characteristics

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Characteristics showroom Hanoi has its own design style suitable for the living space and people there.

Therefore, the showroom design is very important in the business, it requires a lot of factors to suit the living space of the business environment of the business to create a highlight to attract customers.

As we all know, Hanoi has 4 seasons in a year, so showroom design becomes very rich and blends with nature, creating a distinctive impression of Hanoi showrooms.

For the Hanoi showroom it is not merely an exhibition space but also an experience center; where when customers enter, they will feel the spirit of the modern, technological innovation and want to experience from there.

Integrated showroom characteristics

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A beautifully designed, professional showroom design space not only meets the aesthetic and functional criteria but also has to have its own personality.

In the past, showrooms often followed one standard: only trading one product that they specialized in.

However, over time, a new trend emerged.

That is to integrate a clothing shop with many accessories, shoes, bags, ... to create a variety of space saving and multi-functional to meet customers' needs, bringing a new experience for client and showroom.

When the owners have grasped the needs of the customers.

They want to try out the clothes that come with accessories, or mix a dress with shoes that match.

So, if instead of moving back and forth between shops, it is more convenient to have them all in one space.

But in order to have a perfectly integrated space, we need to know how to choose how to design and divide by region.

This means that for each type of product, you will separate space for them differently. Clothes should be placed along the walls. Create a highlight for the store.

Natural showroom characteristics

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Showroom features are different from showroom designs in 2020, when it enters 2021, showroom design trends are somewhat natural and are favored by many businesses.

Fashion and cosmetic stores can apply this great design trend to bring the best customer experience.

When applying this showroom pattern, you should take advantage of decorative green trees or you can use more wooden interior decorations ... to create a rustic, simple feel and bring a close living space. With nature, it is even more wonderful to combine them with natural, elegant colors.

The showroom feature uses elegant white color

Characteristics of showrooms, the use of bright colors, especially white, has been around for a long time, but it is not chosen by many businesses because this color is quite monotonous. However, entering the year 2021, this is again the leading trend in showroom interior decoration attracting the attention of customers.

When choosing this design style, do not forget to accentuate the space by adding interior products and retrofitting the lighting system, or take advantage of natural light. All will bring the most impressive showroom interior design to the customers.

Features showroom facade unique art

Hanoi showroom characteristics 5

One of the things that attracts people passing by or to customers coming to the showroom for the first time is the frontage area - the first place that customers see. is always interested

The showroom is decorated with neutral tones with artistic metal frames and is more stylized to create a separate style, in accordance with the characteristics of the product as well as the message of the company, business. want to bring customers.

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