Design trend of outdoor advertising signs 2021

Trend of advertising signs 2021


Trend of advertising signs In recent years, there must be creative and unique content in order to match the target audience group.

Even the requirements for a signboard template must lead and guide customers.


Trends billboards about content

Put trend advertising signs Content comes first because it comes from a real need.

Surely you also wonder how to catch the eye and suit the tastes of customers? What are the characteristics of the billboards?

The unique trend of billboard content


Unique content is that instead of using monotonous words, providing only one meaning is providing content.

By using evocative language, easy to remember, highlighting the meaning to be conveyed.

So that the billboard pattern is suitable for the trend and sympathetic to the opposite person.

Unique creative trend in billboard design

The trend to create the uniqueness of billboards is at the forefront, when competition between units providing the same service.

Requiring to survive and attract customers, your billboard must be fresh and creative.

Of course, that creativity must be loved and accepted by a large number of potential customers.


Trending billboards about materials

Trend of advertising signs materials are becoming increasingly diverse with different types of materials.

This is also considered a great step forward in conveying the full message to customers through advertising boards.

You can combine 3-4 different materials to achieve the highest aesthetic effect.

Usually the current billboard models often use materials: Formex, Alu, Hifex ... for details on the back or side to save costs, but still retain the aesthetics.

Trends in using light bulbs in advertising signs


Besides, the appearance of light bulbs in the design of signs, billboards. Using LEDs can overcome the disadvantages of time and space. Even during the day or at night, it is possible to achieve aesthetics, shimmering.


You can read more about popular light box models.

The most common types of light boxes - Tuong Minh Advertising 


Some billboard templates are featured 2021

After a lot of construction projects, we have drawn out a number of billboards that are outstanding in 2021.

Alu inox braille advertising signs


As mentioned above, thanks to the advantages of funding, and efficiency. Overcoming the shortcomings of space and time.

Using Alu advertising signs combined with stainless steel braille is one of the most popular options today.

Depending on the idea, customers can freely choose different design styles (color, size, layout, ...) to create unique effects.

In fact, research shows that signs using stainless steel letters bring great efficiency in attracting customers.

In addition, the use of alu substrate helps to maximize construction costs while ensuring the high aesthetics of the signboard.

Optimize lighting efficiency and attract customers, but the stainless steel braille using LEDs has low power consumption compared to conventional lighting equipment (saving about 75% of electricity).

Bright braille advertising signs


Calculating the optimal aesthetic efficiency, cost saving and the ability to endure over time, we have come up with a plan to use bright mica braille, tole sea floor (corrugated iron).

This is also one of the common forms of billboards in the design of signs, logos, slogan ...

In addition, the embossed tole background always brings an eye-catching effect to customers, in addition, the embossed tole sea background meets the full range of colors required.

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