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Analysis of the interior showroom market

Do you want to know the experience when opening a furniture showroom? Do you want to trade on your passion? Tuong Minh will share you some of these experience opening showroom help you be confident and successful with this business model.

Showroom furniture today

Furniture showroom market

Referring to the interior, we can see that this is an extremely difficult item to compete in the current market and if you want to build your brand, you must have a characteristic of a special innovation. new attracting customers to come to showroom mine.

To do that, you need to have a lot of experience, skills and knowledge about this industry. Have a lot of showroom furniture were opened but did not give customers what they needed did not make an impression and gradually existed day after day but could not be in business and had to close down.

If you do not want your passion to have such a stop, let us listen to what experts in this industry share. Gives you experience starting a successful business model

Market research for showroom furniture

We need to research the market, find out the needs of customers to choose places to do showroom potential and eye-catching.

Market research is so important it is always the first and most important step when we start a business plan with any product. Because market research will bring us a lot of advantages and almost success or not is there.

Analysis of the interior showroom market

Market research helps us to solve these problems:

+ Know the general development of the furniture industry in Vietnam in general and how the furniture in the local business in particular is happening. Furniture sales are developing or are frozen? Since then, there are more bases to decide whether to invest in opening furniture showrooms or not.

+ Residential customers who plan to open a furniture store have a lot of demand for this product, do they love it and tend to use domestic or foreign furniture, what is the price they can buy. much, their desired needs like.

Object oriented  

Who are our target customers? Those are the apartment buildings, corporate office people or cafes, clothing shops,….

From that information we will determine whether we should be open shoroom interior at the moment, does it really potential and how much potential is % from which to make a decision

For business locations we should use the facade to easily attract customers and a large amount of space to do showroom contains enough imported furniture. Clean, cool space. Large doors should be made of glass so that from the outside, the customers can see the products in a delicately luxurious way.

Identify furniture showroom trends

Identify interior trends

After market research, know interior trends Which furniture products do customers in the business want to use, whether imported or domestically? From there, you will decide whether to trade in domestic furniture or furniture imported from abroad.

Although furniture is one of the difficult products to sell, its profit and demand is extremely large.It belongs to the popular item that any family needs and dominates.

However, social life is developing day by day, so the need to want is also more and more increasing, requiring many factors.

Currently, there are many impressive domestic product designs released, beautiful and quality assurance, but because the selling price is quite high, it has not made customers interested.

Instead, imported furniture items have cheaper prices, more designs and designs, so they are more popular with customers.

Therefore, we should rely on the needs of customers, market characteristics in the business area to decide on the source of imported goods that are both reasonable in price and suitable for the living environment.

Always renovating in showroom furniture

Always renovate showroom

Always learn to follow the evolving leading upgrade trend showroom to meet the customer needs and image of the store.

We always think that furniture is a safe item in business because the design of the interior is always the same without changing or fearing outdated with the times like other fashion items.

But we were mistaken because of that in human life, everything must always change and develop in a good direction.

Satisfying all customers' wishes, so that the interior will also have to constantly be creative and bring a mark of good change to the homeowner's own house before your shop can attract customers.

We must constantly monitor and update the latest information and trends on the furniture industry in the world and in Vietnam.

In order to promptly catch up with trends, create and create products that are different from competitors. Today, customers often prefer furniture products that are designed to be simple, but smart.

It saves time indoors but offers many interesting experiences and different special functions.

Training Employees

Training Employees

For sales consultant, it is necessary to have knowledge and skill in consulting customers according to the feng-shui designs.

Because what customers want from furniture is not only for beautiful decoration and daily use, but it also has some very special feng-shui values.

For example, the color tone of the homeowner's destiny will help the family prosper, peace, wealth, wealth and wealth, creating a warm family space.

When we give our customers good advice, nothing can pull our customers away.

When we have a very well-rounded rotating model, our interior showroom embraces the customers.

Here are some of the best experience opening showrooms for furniture Tuong Minh want to convey to customers who are and will create this interior business model to see the most objectively and thoroughly for their showroom to grow and succeed with the chosen target.


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