The process of constructing the VietinBank logo 93-95 Ham Nghi

Construction at site

Construction process VietinBank logo 93-95 Ham Nghi. Install logo on the terrace VietinBank building. Today's explanation will share with you the construction and installation process logo VietinBank.

Construction process Logo

When you choose, we are the manufacturer that supplies and installs the logo. Customer care department of Tuong Minh always accompany customers in the process of design and construction consultancy.

In Tuong Minh When starting a project, we clearly define a “Customer satisfaction is a measure of project success”And it has been proven that every day we have more customers to serve.

When receiving orders VietinBank 95 Ham Nghi Our company takes the following steps to start a project.

Construction process of VietinBank logo 95 Ham Nghi

Phase 1: The company received the request from VietinBank 93-95 Ham Nghi, made an order and then measured it for standard specifications.

After the company receives information from customers, the company's technical staff will come to measure and survey the location of advertising signs, Vietinbank logo. After the technical staff has sent the parameters to the design and design company to send the customer for pre-approval and a preliminary quotation to the customer.

Phase 2: Design consulting and specific quotation to customers

Customer consulting

After having all the necessary information about the parameters and requirements of the customer. Technical staff, designers will rely on it to choose suitable designs, designs, materials, colors ... From the long-term professional experience, the company staff will bring to you. customers with the most beautiful signs and logos products.

After giving the appropriate designs, we will let customers check and choose. When the customer has chosen a satisfactory design, the two parties agree, then the company will quote a specific price to the customer. Advertising signs are manufactured in accordance with the design that the two sides have agreed to.

Stage 3: Selecting material to make logo of VietinBank.

logo VietinBank 95 Ham Nghi

The selection of materials to suit the investor's criteria is a mandatory requirement, this stage is an important stage deciding the cost of the logo set.

However, regardless of the choice of materials, the aesthetic and safety criteria must still be on top, it is a mandatory rule that investors and manufacturers must follow.

Stage 4: Produce logo Vietinbank.

Text face: The typeface used materials are stainless steel, aluminum, outdoor materials, made of MiCa or powder coated steel.

Body: Can be used with corrugated iron, stainless steel, aluminum ... with a solid structural skeleton system.

Led light part: Used outdoor specialized led lights, high brightness, energy saving.

There are also a lot of accessories attached such as the total bridge, power adapter, magnetic starter, timmer….

Producing VietinBank logo

Stage 5: Construction and installation of logo at 95 Ham Nghi.

Because the work is conducted at a height, the factors of occupational safety must be on top.

Therefore, the preparation for this job must be carefully prepared: All workers involved in the construction must be highly qualified, have worked at high altitude, have good experience in handling work as well as handling situations.

During construction, workers must be fully equipped with necessary protective equipment such as: Workwear, protective shoes, hats, goggles, protective belts, fire extinguishers, warning belts. , safety warning signs ...

Construction at site

Stage 6: Conduct acceptance and handover to customers

After finishing installation, report to customers to check and take over for the certainty and product quality. When all procedures are completed, the company will hand over the product to the customer and make payment


If during the process of using the product during the warranty period, there is a problem with technical failure due to the fault of the company. Our technical staff will be on hand to resolve the issue immediately.

Product warranty

Above are the stages of construction and installation logo VietinBank of the company Tuong Minh Advertising. If you are looking for a professional, reputable sign and logo design and construction unit. Choose Tuong Minh is the right thing

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In Tuong MinhWe define clearly the responsibility to accompany the business in the design and construction consultancy process with the desire to bring the best experience to customers.

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